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The Polls are Closed. The Results are in. Amare is your next MVP!

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With 6% of the games reporting we are prepared to call this race for Amare Stoudemire, your next MVP.

Check out this SICK line from MVP Elect Stoudemire:

  • 49 points on 17 of 21 from the field. That's 81% my friends. 81%. Did I mention 81%? Now that's historic.
  • 15 for 15 from the line (that's 100% for the math challenged)
  • And don't forget the defense: 11 rebounds. 5 steals! and 2 blocks.
  • Then there's spreading the wealth around with 6 assists.

What's more, Amare's best all around game of his career comes on the 2nd night of a back to back. On the road. I am going to go out of a very firm limb here and suggest that this is best individual game we will see all season by any player.

81% shooting! PLUS 5 steals 2 blocks and 6 assists!

Now that's dominance that we can believe in!





Phoenix Stan's MVP Watch


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