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Amare Stoudemire. MVP or Flopper?

It's not often you get to see both sides of this question in one play but here in this clip we first see Amare square up Jeff Foster (who is not a bad defender and generally is the type of long mobile guys that have the best shot of slowing down Amare) get abused. Destroyed. And thoroughly Dunked On in any definition of that term.

Then little Travis Diener takes offense to his mate's embarrassment and gives Amare some high heat. Amare stumbles a bit and goes down in a heap.

During the Suns broadcast Eddie Johnson called his a clear case of The Flop. I've watched it numerous times and am inclined to agree but maybe Amare got his feet tangled and/or slipped on something (like the paint on the line).

Watch and judge for yourself.

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 11/06/08 8:36 AM PST ]

In what universe does Tony Parker's fantastic performance possibly come in better than Amare's? This guy's apparantly.

Sure Tony scored a lot of points (55) and had a lot of assists (10) and he also played 6 more minutes (that's half a quarter) and took 15! more shots.

Parker played great but seriously - there is NO WAY that this is better than the sick numbers Amare threw up on both ends of the floor. 5 steals! 2 blocks! 11 rebounds! PLUS 81% shooting.

Puleeze - put down the pastry and think man think!

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