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Amare MVP - Best Game Ever?

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This from the blog where they assert that Amare's performance against the Pacers was not only the best all around individual showing for any Sun of all time but that it might be the best in Arizona sports history.

While I am not sure that Amare's destruction of the Pacers beats out Randy Johnson's perfect game, they do make a strong case with this:

Beyond the numbers, Amar’e read the game and responded accordingly.  Translation: he provided the Suns what they needed when they needed it.  Matt Barnes was on his way back to Phoenix for the impending birth of his baby twins, Shaq was in foul trouble, so Indiana enjoyed an 8-point lead until late in the 3rd quarter despite STAT’s dominance.  Then the following sequence unfolded:

  • Amar’e blocked a Danny Granger shot at one end, then ran the floor and dunked at the other (IND up 6)
  • After an LB 3 (IND up 3), STAT stole a pass then fed Boris Diaw for a layup (IND up 1 - Timeout Pacers!)
  • Amar’e feeds LB for another 3 (PHX up 2)
  • After another steal, Stat feeds Grant Hill for a layup (PHX up 4 - lights out!)


In a span of a minute and a half, Stoudemire had a hand in every possession on both ends of the court in a 12-0 Suns run.