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Suns get Bull Rushed in Chicago

That's one.

I went into the season with an idea that any team should be allowed a certain number of blow out games. It's going to happen to all teams and there's a certain number of these games that we fans should just tolerate, purge and move on.

I don't know that I've settled on the exact number of blowouts per season allowance but I keep thinking that five is about right. Four more to go.

Most certainly we can avoid any serious hand wringing over a game like this missing two starters and an energy bench player (Tucker) in the middle of a long road trip. The Bulls came out firing and were hitting everything they threw up and while there were a few bright spots for the Suns it was overall a game to be ignored.


Stinkers of the Night

Most troubling from this game and the season so far has been the play of Leandro Barbosa. He managed 2 points in 16 minutes in a blow out game and overall seems completely lost in Porter's system.

I think this is more about what's going between his ears then anything else. Remember all those love notes from Coach Dan Dan that lifted his confidence and spirits? I think our Brazilian Blur has turned into the Brazilian Brain Lock.

Clearly Leandro is the winner of the Most Devastated By the Departure of D'Antoni Award. I wonder if Mike would be willing to trade David Lee to get him in NYC?

At least the Brain Lock was able to get himself into the game highlights...

A combined 19 points from Nash, Hill and Bell isn't going to get it done either.

Lighter Side of the Sun

Amare MVP came to play and battled through an aggressive Bulls defense determined to send him to the line instead of giving up thunder dunks in their building. Amare responded with 26 points, 50% FG, 16-18 from the line along with 3 assists, 2 steals a block and 7 rebounds. Not bad for an off night and most importantly his effort was there.

Robin Lopez had a break out game in his young career going 6-9 for 14 points along with 2 highlight blocks and 30 minutes. I thought he played well in his opportunity but clearly his presence in a starting lineup already missing Barnes didn't help the offensive flow.

Dragic also benefited from the blowout by playing his best game without the pressure of....well of trying to win. He was more aggressive and made his presense felt. It's going to be a process with this kid and a game like this was a little step forward.

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