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Shaq giveth and Shaq taketh away

Just hours after his best game as a Sun and making solid strides to winning the affection (or at least respect) from this Shaq hater the Big Dominatrix said this:

“I felt fresh. Usually after two days off I feel fresh thanks to the upper management and their decision. You never know until you really get out there, but two days off you can’t complain about that.”

But then, I guess that was just too sane for a Shaq feeling his youthful oats so he let this blast fly via Twitter of all things:

On the plane back to #PHX, another Suns W. Bogut is Erika Dampier with a beard

Thank you Shaq. You've played well this year for the Suns and have made a real difference on the floor with your large presence. You are playing like a man re-born.

Isn't that enough with out needing to disrespect two of your opponents?

Lesser men each who weren't born with the body of a giant combined with a certain measure of basketball skill. Of course, that's all relative too since Dampier and Bogut aren't exactly Ostertag.

There's something to be said for the old school rules of baseball or hockey that would deal with this kind of thing with a fastball high and in or some old fashion goon action.

Basketball in the Stern age doesn't allow for self-policing and so Shaq's disrespect to the game goes unpunished.

Jerry Colangelo must be spinning in his golf cart.

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