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Open Gameday Thread: Suns @lakers

Phoenix Suns
The LA Lakers
13-9 17-3
8:30 PM Mountain / 10:30 PM Eastern
Probable starters:
Steve Nash PG Derek Fisherious
Raja Bell Leandro?
SG Kobe Bryantus
Grant Hill
SF Radmano
Amar'e Stoudemire PF Pau Gasolio
Robin Lopez
C Andrew Byzantium

Don't forget to pack your clotheslines, here come the lakers.

Unlike the Suns who took care of bidness last night, the best team in basketball just got punked old-time division rival but now bottom-feeding SacQueens. In the Yahoo! Game Notes,

Lakers sixth man Lamar Odom admitted the team may have looked past Sacramento in anticipation for the meeting with Phoenix.

Lamar then went on to compare the SacQueens to "Westchester High School."

Anyway, expect the lakers to be hungry - catching them off-guard ain't gonna happen this time. They love them national showcase lights, provided by ESPN. Here are the ESPN Game Notes. ESPN's accuview givs us a 19% chance of stealing the game but that's high given that Shaq is out and the Lakers are ready.

I look forward to seeing our team get back to its running ways and getting some more burn with our small lineup. May the Barbosa Barnes and Bell shoot the lights out and Lopez, Diaw and Amare hold their own.

I won't argue if the Bash Boys wipe the deck with a few laker jerseys.

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