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Kerr pushes the panic trade button (again)

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I don't like this trade. Fans are supposed to freak out and play the trade machine. Not General Managers and that's exactly what this feels like. Let's break it down:

  • Bell needed to go. He was unhappy with the new system and his game has declined as a result. He was no longer a top or even decent defensive player and while his stand still shooting has been great he can't do ANYTHING else on the floor with the ball. He's become an unhappy one-trick pony locker room cancer. Good ridence. Enjoy Charlotte and take all the shots you want.
  • Diaw was playing well this season except for the past few games which very well could be related to the trade rumors. On the radio they are saying that they wanted to move Boris because he is soft. The problem is that Boris is a very versitile player who has the ability to start and score in the post or driving the lane. His outside shot is solid and he's a very underrated defender. I don't think it was worth moving Diaw just to dump Bell. Mostly though this leaves the Suns VERY thin up front. Does Amundson now get those minutes? Is Lopez ready to play 15 - 20 minutes per game now? This really doesn't make much sense.
  • Singletary I am fine with. I know he's looked ok and certainly better then Dargic so far but I really don't see this kid making it in the NBA and the word is the Suns will sign a vet PG to fill the final roster spot. I don't have a clue who that might be but at least Smush Parker is off the market.
  • JRich is a great player. A solid character guy and a leader type. He is shooting 45% from 3 and can create and play above the rim. And he can finish which Raja can't even spell. I have no problem with JRich except that he doesn't have a great reputation as a defender (but does rebound well) and what does this do to LB and Tucker? Those guys can forget about getting minutes right? And will JRich be happy without having the ball as much because there are already not enough shots to go around between Shaq, Amare, Nash, Hill and Barbosa.
  • Jared Dudley is an unknown. I will be honest. I have never heard of this kid but what I've read so far is ok. But now we have three small forwards and no real legit backup at the four. That's fine if Amare is going to play 40 minutes per game and never go down but that's not very realistic is it?
  • I LOVE the fact that Bell and Diaw get to play with Larry Brown. That should be a perfect fit!

We moved Marion in a panic deal because he was a locker room cancern and now Kerr is pulling the trigger like a fantasy league GM on another rushed deal. I am not against a trade but I have to think that we could have moved Bell somewhere else like Memphis and got a young PG in return or perhaps to a young team like the Bucks or Nets for a vet big like Gadzuric.

We give up a very solid front line back up and add a guy that needs the ball on a team without enough balls and another small forward when we've already got two starters in that position.

At this point you have to wonder if Barbosa might be next to go and complete the purging of D'Antoni's boys.

Steve Kerr is on the radio:

  • Talking to Charolotte few weeks. Heated up in the last few days
  • Needed to shake things up
  • Get players we are high on - JRich 20 ppg
  • Called JRich "excellant defender"
  • J Dud - jack of all trades (2 3 or 4)
  • Loved him out of BC
  • Thanks to Raja and Boris yadda yadda
  • No question Raja was uneasy about changes - his time here had run it's course
  • Debatable if Raja was unhappy (really?)
  • JRich 4 yrs younger and explosive player
  • JRich versitile player. Runs. 3's. Creates.
  • VERY excited to come here
  • Need people that are excited to be here - both guys fired up to come here
  • Needed to mix things up and get better at that position and put guys on roster that are excited to be here
  • Every team needs to make changes. Things have changed here. Feeling around team not as exciting (in arena)
  • We needed to inject life into the organization
  • Financially is a total wash this year and next. Straight basketball move for both teams
  • Key with Boris - best year was when Amare was out. Hard to incorporate him into situation w/ Amare.
  • Felt better about allocating big contract to starting player with 35mpg. Boris contract didn't fit in our salary structure
  • Fans feel that team was further away from championship
  • My job to constantly look to make team better
  • We are in 2nd tier of teams behind LA, Boston and Cleveland with Spurs, Rockets, Hornets, etc
  • Looking at backup PG to fill final roster spot. Dragic has struggled (duh). Have some ideas. Have two weeks to sign someone
  • Tucker will be active tonight but might not be ready to really play much (first game after being out 5 weeks)

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