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Questions for Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr was on the radio taking question this afternoon about the Big Trade II. Here's a few questions I would like to ask:

  1. Trading Diaw leaves the Suns very thin on the front line. Who will get those additional minutes behind Amare and Shaq?
  2. Does Jason Richardson have the lateral quickness and defensive toughness to help slow down the great shooting guards in this league?
  3. How will JRich take going from a number one option in Charlotte to a third or fourth option on the Suns? Have you discussed this with him?
  4. Will Leandro's minutes get cut to 10 or 15 per game behind Jason or will he back up Nash and play with him?
  5. Will Tucker be able to get any time in this rotation?
  6. Would it have been possible to use this kind of trade to get another young point guard and/or a vet back up center?

What questions do you have?


[Note by ZonaFlash, 12/10/08 9:20 PM EST ]

  1. When did you attend the Kevin McHale/Isiah Thomas School of Stalling by Trading Players?  I don't recall seeing that diploma in your office before.
  2. Can J-Rish deliver defensive toughness at all?  Why did we just pick up another 7SOL player in exchange for our Bruce Bowen Jr?   Is there a really a plan? 
  3. What's with the Singletary/Dudley throw ins?  The Trade works straight up with just J-Rich for Diaw/Bell.

Basically, now the team is back in training camp mode.  If it's broked anyway, what's a little more monkeying around?  Good for the hype.

All in all trading your worst starter at an overloaded position and two benchers for another teams' best player is probably a good deal.  Getting out of 1 year of Boris' contract also doesn't hurt.

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