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Steve Kerr Moron Meter

I am not one to dilly dally with a decision for more then a few days or seasons so to better keep up with the prevailing winds of change I have created a handy tool to help keep score.

I was not a fan of the Marion - Shaq deal and my initial reaction to the latest trade machinations was also less then positive. But I got to thinking that there will be times (like after seeing JSun Richardson play for the first time or when Shaq drops 35 on Bogut's fuzzy head) that I might feel otherwise.

That got me thinking...



Why should I be constrained by my own opinion for all time? What's the point of being a blogger at all if I can't inconsistently fire off my OOTM (Opinion Of The Moment) based purely on the latest bit of game play fresh in my mind?

I am not a lawyer making a case.

I am not a politician worried about flip floppery.

I am no Kelly Dwyer.

I am an idiot with a keyboard and am fully entitled to change my mind however or whenever I want. If you disagree with me grab your keyboard and bring it. That's how we roll on the internets.

Having now duly freed myself from the constraints of consistency I needed a tool to track my daily whims so perhaps at some point in the future I might render final judgment on the matter and all will cower and grovel when the verdict shall be delivered.

Mr. Kerr himself famously declared after The Trade that he would be judged either Moron or Genius based on the results.

Now we have a way to keep score.

Henceforth shall we have the Steve Kerr Moron Meter. It will reside in the left bar of this blog between the ever popular and ego serving @Phoenix Stan Twitter Feed and the Shaq Retirement Clock.

Some days, like the actual day of the most recent trade, I will award Kerr a Moron Point. Other days, like after seeing JRich reverse ally-oop dunk and attack the glass unlike any shooting guard in Phoenix since #44, I will award Kerr a Genius Point.

So shall he start with one point in each column.

You might wonder why this isn't  called the Steve Kerr Genius Meter. But if you really have to ask that you've not been hanging around here long enough to understand that my sarcastic mean streak would never allow such a thing. If you want kittens and unicorns you can try ESPN.

Awarding Moron or Genius Points will be a community effort so feel free to make your case but it has to be for a recent event. No backdating of points or we would be here all month trying to sort that out. The game starts NOW.


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