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Better Nickname? JSun or JRich?

Earlier this year, I tried to get Suns Ben to change his handle to BenSun after that lovable minority butler who served the white man in the political machine designed to keep the black man down.

Ben didn't change his handle.

I have decided that we need to change the newest Suns' nickname. Why stick with a nickname that resulted in only one playoff appearance in 7 years? Why should a dunk champion not be nicknamed after a Sun? Why shouldn't his nickname rhyme with his real name?

I'm hoping for an overwhelming show of support so that we can get the intro nickname to match the name we all know that we want: From here on out, Jason Richardson shall be known as JSun. I deserve it. I was behind this trade since the second before it actually happened. Stan was against it. But he's a pessimist. Then, he flip-flopped. Don't worry about being consistent, lawyers and politicians aren't and they run the country. Who'd have thought that Kerr would give us more of a roller coaster than Coach D, though?

Vote now. Should Jason Richardson keep the old JRich nickname or should we rename him to JSun?

The Oriental/Eastern way of thinking is that when you enter a new portion of your life, you change your name. New beginnings, spiritual epiphanies, that sort of thing.

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