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Tuesday random links

A few things I've run across today that all deserve to be shared in some form or this one:

  • is using free eye surgery to intice you to make a home video...I don't think I would want to judge the entries. You've seen what Suns fans will do for a free t-shirt. Imagine what people are going to do to get their eyes fixed for free.
  • I have a favorite new song. This cover of the classic Who was recorded in 2001 but I just heard it for the first time on Californication the other night.
  • Ben updates us on Pargo (which isn't as bad as it sounds). Long story short, the global economic meltdown could land the Suns a point guard. 
  • Speaking of point guards, Gambo of KTAR radio reports that the Suns are scouting Eddie Gill of the D League and formerly the Pacers but Sam Cassell's name is being batted around too. That's probably a good thing because my wife and daughter were just talking last night about how cute Nash, Shaq and Grant are. We need some more ugly on the Suns. Gambo for you out of towners has proven to have reliable sources in the past. I have yet to figure out how to link to something I heard on the radio but if you have any ideas I am open
  • Henry Abbott at True Hoop is exploring Twitter. I love me some Twitter. Its like the haiku of internet speak.
  • Lesson of the day. Don't pick a fight with someone that buys ink by the barrel or has 100 times the eye balls you do and watches far more basketball then you ever will. Apologies to Mr. Dwyer who emailed me that he did in fact watch every second of the Suns Knicks game which makes his comment that the Knicks stayed close through green light shooting even more confusing to me. Clearly it is possible for people to watch the same game and see different things. Yours truly is duly humbled.

[Note by ZonaFlash, 12/16/08 6:56 PM EST ]

Steve Kerr Strikes Back at Fans

Thanks for stirring the pot, SI.  Here, Steve Kerr finds time to say suggest fans are too nostalgic.  SI goes on to credit Kerr with changing the Suns style, but they didn't go out on a limb and say it was for the better.  Clearly, the style makeover failed and we are back to Q7SOL.

Maybe its fanblog wankery, Brian Schmitz says Grant Hill is thinking of going home to Orlando.  Either by trade or in the offseason.

NY Media Speculation - yes, everything that happens in the NBA is about the New York Knicks.  Including the Phoenix-Charlotte trade.

D'Antoni says it right: 

Knicks Head Coach Mike D'Antoni, to Steve Nash, after getting a brief break on the bench during the second quarter, "I thought they were going to give you more rest this season?"




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