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The Main Problem with the JSun RichardSUN Trade -- Shaq

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Just as I had feared, Shaq may screw up a good thing.  He's talking about getting a "Shaq-like" amount of touches.

In related news, the Bell Tower is wandering in their proverbial desert.

From The Big Mouth:

You want me to be Shaq? Then I've got to get the Shaq touches and Shaq opportunities. I just can't be taking five shots . . . and then you look at me like I'm old. I could average 27 and 10 until I'm 50.

He's not here to average 27 points.  I'd much rather see him averaging 27 rebounds and 10 points.  Occassionally, he'll win the team a game or two -- against teams like the Bucks.

What the Suns really need him to do is keep Tim Duncan from getting good post position, keep the huge Lakers' front line off the glass, clog the lane when CP3 penetrates, go toe-to-toe with Yao and give the Jazz a taste of their own medicine.  On the other coast, he's got to control KG and make life in the lane difficult for LeBron James.  His bloated paycheck is making him think he's more than he is.

There was some saving grace, though, and maybe I'm overreacting:

Guys talk about running so run, get out and run. But when it's a slowdown game, I would like to touch it so I can do what I do or get everybody involved or let STAT (Amaré Stoudemire) touch it and let him do what we do.

Shaq taking shots from JSun RichardSUN is my biggest fear.  Let's see what happens against the good teams on the Suns' schedule this week.


I was just listening to Paul Coro on 910 and he said something like (I don't remember the exact quote), "It's easy to get Shaq talking about more touches.  I ask him about his Christmas shopping and he starts talking about his touches."