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Alvin Gentry wants Terry Porter's job and Barbosa needs more minutes

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How's that for an attention grabbing headline? I'm watching what the pro's are doing and just trying to go with the flow...

Beyond the headline though this is still a crappy little blog so I repost. You decide.

Here's news and audio from the Suns practice on Wednesday courtesy of Sports 620 KTAR:


  • Alvin Gentry (who ran practice while Porter was in Portland for his jersey retirement) said he felt like a "substitute teacher"; and with the potential of six head coaching openings this off-season he would "like to be a head coach again" but "only in the right situation"
  • Shaq comments--- He said if he gets "Shaq touches" (10-12 a game) he could average 27 points, 10 rebounds "easily....with my eyes closed....until I'm 50" but then said he enjoys being the so-called point center, passing out of double teams finding teammates wide open on the perimeter or cutting to the hoop in other words, the offense needs to go through him in the half-court set. Shaq added that he does not mind sitting either the front end or the back end of a back-to-back, "extra rest is always good"
  • Grant Hill as he came out of the locker-room on his way to the bus, "I'm not going to Orlando".  His name came up in an Orlando Sentinel story about a possible Hill-JJ Redick.  Hill joked---with GM Stever Kerr within ear shot, "If I get traded, I quit." 
  • Alando Tucker says he's still a practice or two away from being able to contribute though he remains active and suited up for games.  He would play in an emergency situation.
  • Suns will likely sign a 13th player a day or two ahead of their Christmas Day game vs. San Antonio. They are looking at players who may potentially be bought out of their contract, recently retired players, players in the D-League (a trade does not appear likely).
  • They may sign a player to a non-guaranteed contract to see how that player works out....10-day contracts can't be signed until January 9th but it is looking more and more like that 13th player will not be looked at for significant minutes.  The team does not want to cut into Barbosa's minutes.