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The internets that never stop giving

Oh my heaven is this a holiday gift for the ages or what!

First we have Shaq tweeting away and now this - Amare blogging!

Looking at our team’s stats, the offensive rebounding was down, so that’s where my emphasis has been. For the past couple games, I think my play has improved and speaks for itself.

No one can speak for you better big guy. You grab your keyboard and fly!

Even better, this comes just moments after we learned that bloggers are going to be the death of all GM's.

You have to think Kerr is wishing that Al Gore was never born about now. 



Other internet news - Bright Side of the Sun is an 8 seed in  2008 Busted Coverage Sports Blogger of the Year. 

We are currently a few points back so GO VOTE NOW! 

We can't get beat by a Hockey blog!



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