Suns Tweetup Contest - Free T Shirt! (and suns tix)

140 characters can win you two free Suns tickets. Bring it people!





And you thought Twitter was a silly fad....

Well now you can take your silliness to a Suns game w/ thousands (or tens) of other Suns tweeps (That's people who twitter. Get it?).

I've beeen Twittering @phoenixstan since July when I NEEDED a way to "talk" to you all from the Vegas Summer Leauge. I found twitter to be a quick way to provide updates via my Blackberry and have them show up on this blog. Kind of like remote comments. Well, now I twitter about all kinds of things and just like here am part of a twitter community.

Part of that community is a good part of the Suns org including of course the Big Tweet and lead by @phoenixsunsgirl (aka IRL Amy Jo Director of Digital Media). You can also follow @sunsblogger @sunswebmaster and @sunswebgeek on twitter. Now as of a few hours ago, there's even a Suns Twitter Portal that consolidates Suns related tweets in one place.

You might also recall the Shaq Sock Puppet scandal that uncovered NotShaqONeal and according to Shaq's media marketing group brought Shaq into the twitterverse.

Enough about Twitter. On to the contest. 


You KNOW what fans will do for a free T-Shirt @ a game.

You KNOW what you've done for a free T-Shirt @ a game.

Now, you can WIN A FREE T SHIRT from Bright Side of the Sun The Suns!

And oh btw - your T-Shirt comes with two tickes to a Suns game (yes, it is Jan 16 against the T-wolves) and also some VERY cool special access:

  • At 5 pm, we’re all going to get access to the building early, before the general public, to watch players warm up from front row seats.
  • Upon entry each of us is going to receive an exclusive Suns Twitter t-shirt we can wear throughout the game and a Suns player jersey bag.
  • During the game we will all have seats in the same section – Twitterville – to get to know one another.
  • After the game, we will all go down to the official Suns Practice Court to mingle and possibly even meet a surprise Suns personality (come on Gorilla!).
  • Here's How You Win

    • Twitter is a 140 character haiku like medium
    • This is a sarcastic blog dedicated to the Suns
    • You craft a 140 charater sarcastic essay on What the Suns Need to Do to Win the Ring

    Submit your 140 Character essay in the comments of this story by midnight on December 24th.

    Santa will judge the entries and the winner will get....

    Two Tickets to the Suns Tweetup!

    I'll be there with my son. It should be a blast.

    And if you don't live in Phx or can't go to the game you should still enter the contest. You can always donate your tickets to charity.