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Brandon Roy and the Blazers Finally Get a Win Against the Suns. The Law of Averages Prevails.

11 in a row ... The longest active streak in the league ... Roy goes 0 for 9 ...

I guess sometimes even a blind squirrel cand find an acorn every once in a while.

Well, sorta. That, and the fact that Suns couldn't guard Roy. Shooting guards seem to have a tendency to go off on the Suns (I'm already having nightmares of Ginobili driving left on Christmas Day. "He's left-handed!" "Guard his left!" "Force him right!").

I blame Porter playing a zone against a hot-shooting team. I dont' know that much about basketball, but I know that outside shooting can kill a zone. When the points are coming from the backcourt and off jumpers, why are the Suns in a zone?

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I liked STAT's start. At halftime, Amare was off his game with only 6 points on 1 of 5 shooting. On the other hand, he had 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocks. I didn't like his finish. He ended with 23 pts, 8 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 blocks. In the second half, he had 2 boards and no blocks. Why couldn't he finish with 12 boards and 4 blocks to go along with his 23 points?

Bad defense? With Pryz and Aldridge in the game, STAT covered Pryz and Shaq or Fropez picked up Aldridge ... causing probs for STAT on the offensive glass. When Oden and Aldridge are out there together, STAT has to guard Aldridge becuase he cannot handle Oden. This caused all sorts of problems for Stoudemire on defense. I thought Shaq was supposed to allow Stoudemire to use his athleticism on power forwards and be a moe effective defender?

Amare got the job done when he was double-teamed, but it wasn't too pretty. Maybe Shaq can make passing out of the double-team part of The Amare Stoudemire Project.

I was also concerned about the rotations until I looked at the numbers. First, let's address my concerns. I don't understand much, but I get the part about sitting Nash across periods. Why does Porter rest Nash in the middle of the fourth period? Why not the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth? Also, why did he play Nash the entire first but rest him for the first 6 minutes of the second period?

I don't know why or why not. I do know that the Suns won the second quarter 38 to 28 with Nash out about half of the period. The starters also got a good rest with Fropez on the floor for Shaq and Barbosa running the point while feeding Barnes for a trio of treys (it didn't seem to help Shaq, though, because I think he only scored 2 in the second). Ths Suns also outscored the Blazers by 8 with Nash out. Also, there was a lot of rest for the starters in the first half. When Barbosa came in during the 4th, the Suns took the lead. Nash came in and the team lost.

What does this mean? I don't know, but it sure is confusing. Would someone smarter, with notes taken while watching game in his mom's basement, please enlighten me?

One more note to Nash: don't run the pick and roll with Bo Outlaw Sweet Lou.

On the zone: Why do the Suns play the zone when Roy and Blake are shooting lights-out? Again, I'm only a Y-League coach, but last time I checked an offense breaks the zone by hitting jumpers. If they're already hitting jumpers, why go to it? I like the zone with Shaq in the game because it keeps him in the paint (wasn't he the reason the Leauge began allowing zones?) and minmizes his pick-and-roll liability. It also allows STAT to use his alleged "big man quickness" on the perimeter. Why have Stoudemire in the middle of the zone, under-utlizing his quickness and weakening his already-weak rebounding abilities?

Nash also had some trouble wih Aldridge switching to him on the pick and roll. More than once, after the switch, Aldridge pulled up his shorts and hunkered down, as if to say, "I can guard you." And he did a more than admirable job on Nash. I liked when Nash handed the ball to STAT at the top of the lane and let STAT run it, driving to the hoop.

Funny Craig Sager moment not involving his wardrobe:

At halftime, Craig Sager asks Matt Barnes, "How did you get so open for those 3s." Answer, "Well, they were running a zone and I've got two big screeners." New nickname: The Big Screener.

Shaq's free throws are at 58% on the season (52% career average) and his shots appear softer, not rim-damaging. Quick question: what has done more damage to NBA rims over the years? Shaq's dunks or Shaq's free throws?

It was a great game. It's about time the Blazers put one over on the Suns. Nash went 5 for 14 and Roy went 14 for 27. Seems like we're often saying something like, "If Nash hits his normal shots, the Suns win." It also seems like shooting guards have been killing the Suns recently.

Don't forget -- the turnovers were 16 to 6. Guess who had 16?

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