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Suns VP David Griffin Talks about Dragic

In the last episode of the indispensable Suns podcast Orange You Glad you Listened (which is much better then the cheesy name might imply) we hear Suns Sr. VP of Basketball Operations (and Kerr's right hand man when it comes to player Griffin_080612_300_mediumdecisions) talk about the Suns so far this season.

I highly encourage listening to the entire 30+ minute interview which can be found here.

What struck me as most fascinating (beyond hearing about Griff's rise from Suns gopher to his lofty role) was the conversation about Goran Dragic. 

A lot of Suns fans are ready to give up on this kid but the reality, like it or not, is that he will be part of this team for quite some time. Griff had some candid things to say about the young Slovenian point guard.

I took the liberty of editing the entire podcast down to just this portion which you can hear here.


  • Griff explains that Dragic missed playing in the Summer League and wasn't able to play 5 on 5 all of September in the team's informal work outs
  • That left Dragic with no team to get up to speed on the NBA game and to even just knock the rust off before training camp started
  • The coaching staff has helped him improve his confidence which is his biggest weakness
  • He's taking the shots he needs to now in the game
  • In practice he shoots the ball very well and is working w/ Coach Igor after practice as well
  • He doesn't have the confidence to translate that to game situations
  • He does very well on the glass and plays the passing lanes
  • He needs to make himself a weapon
  • Thunder Dan thinks he's ready to play for the Suns

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