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Remember those guards that had career nights?

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Maybe it wasn't the Suns as much as Raja Bell. Jamal Crawford destroyed Raja and the Bobcats going off for 50 points last night.

Ryansunsfan in the comments suggested that was worthy of a Genius Point for Kerr. It would be lovely for Suns fans to think that the days of getting lit up by D Wade, D Harris and to a lesser degree CJ Miles and Michael Redd are behind us.

That case would be much stronger if Brandon Roy didn't just torch us for a career high 52 though. But, we did give Kerr a Moron Point for that so fair is fair....


In other trade related news, Boris Diaw is playing back up to his potential (at least for the time being).

Diaw scored 25 points Monday against another former team, the Atlanta Hawks, and he has kept attacking in the post and not rebounded like a player who was happy to box out for others.

Diaw had made 28 of 49 shots and averaged 22 points in his past three games entering Saturday. He has improved Charlotte's ball movement, which has made the NBA's worst offense better, even with the loss of top scorer Richardson.

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