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Shocking News! Amare pimps Amare for All Star Game

I know you will be as surprised as I am that Amare felt the need to pimp Amare's favorite player for the All Star game.

When Chris Bosh did this last year it was novel and funny. This is just kind of pathetic and not in the least bit surprising. To be fair, it is kind of funny and tries to be self-deprecating. But still...

Amare listen. If you want to be an All Star play your game on the court. We all know how great you are and how much greater you can be. Defend your man. Rebound the ball. Play smart. Be a leader. Dominate the ball when it's called for and play within the team system when it's not.

Over produced video's aren't going to help your cause. In fact it kind of makes you look silly. And needy. And unappreciative of your fans and your own skilz.

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