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Pregame podcast #2 - The Beard of Evil

In this second edition of the Bright Side of the Sun pregame podcast with other team's bloggers we talk to Tim and Graydon of Spurs blog 48 Minutes of Hell.

Using my powers of persuasion, I managed to extract a few juicy tidbits...Popobeard_medium

  • Tim and Graydon admitted to supporting evil and went on to agree that Popovich is an evil genius who has made a deal with the devil 
  • More related to the upcoming game, the scouting report is that the Spurs front line is surprisingly weak (other then Duncan) and susceptible to being pounded in the paint. Kurt Thomas hasn't been healthy and Oberto is out of the rotation. That leaves the all powerful three point shooting Red Rocket as the Spurs "center". 
  • On the other end they suggest that we clog the lane and entice the Spurs to launch three's instead of letting them score in the lane. Sounds easy enough. All we need to do is keep Tony and Manu from penetrating and stop Tim Duncan. Consider it done

In the end we found common ground in our mutual hatred for the Lakers and managed to keep the discussion civil. Big thanks to Tim and Graydon for participating. Be sure to check out the best named blog out there.

Quick warning: This discussion ran a bit long (there's a lot to talk about between these two teams!) and there is a few points where some road noise intrudes but those periods are brief.

Oh, and I played with an intro music thing and added some sound f/x for fun...enjoy...or the evil empire will get you!


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