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Pregame podcast #3 - Say it ain't so, Joe

In this edition of the Bright Side of the Sun Pregame Podcast (that still needs a catchy name) we chat with Joe the Blogger from the OKC Thunder blog Thunder Guru.

When your team is 3-27 you have to expect to take some crap and Joe did with good humor. He explained that his young team's poor shooting efficiency is the root of their pathetic record but that replacement coach Brooks has the team playing hard and putting up points (but only winning moral victories). Other topics include:

  • I proposed my own theory on why the Thunder have only 3 wins (hint - it's related to the Kevin McHale excuse)
  • I used the opportunity to get a scouting report on my man-crush Johann Petro who I have long thought  would be a perfect backup center in Phoenix
  • We discussed was Nick Collison's injury status (day to day) and what he brings to the Thunder

We did not get into any of the mess related to Bennett moving the team or why Joe, a Seattle resident and life long Sonics fan, choose to move his allegience with the team. You can ask him that yourself @

Thank you Joe for your gracious participation.


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Ed Note - Still working on keeping answers short and crisp. There seems to be an art to making a quick point and moving on that I haven't yet sorted out.

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