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Pregame podcast #4 - Circle Jerk

Did you ever know a person that loves the sound of their voice SO MUCH that they will literally talk to themselves if there's no one else around?

That's us.

We couldn't line up a Grizzlies blogger so in this edition of the Bright Side of the Sun pregame podcast (with no name) we have a little circle jerk with myself, JSun and Zona Flash (from a bunker in an undisclosed location)

We delve into the recently won game over the Thunder, a game that ZF felt Nash should have sat out of.

We also talked about tomorrow's matchup with the Grizz although it was quite appearant that none of us know all that much about the Grizz. Except they are kind of bad. Young. Don't have any good sites and may be chopping salary to reduce liabilities so the owner can dump the team. Or maybe not. We really don't know. But that didn't stop us from talking about it. And other stuff.


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