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Top 5 GM Over Reactions

All this talk about Amare's future, the Suns struggles, Kerr's concerns and Shaq's tweets has me thinking about recent moves GM's made (or didn't make) in response to their team's crisis (or perceived crisis).

Here's the top five best and worst moves:

5 - Magic sign Rashard Lewis - The Magic needed a #2 man to play with Dwight but rushed into signing Lewis to a long term overpaid contract. How impactful is Lewis? I had to look up how to spell his name.

4 - The Spurs do nothing - Through all the injuries and after failing to get back to the finals, the Spurs once again do nothing. Nothing except a smart draft pick and minor signings that worked out well. Sometimes staying the course isn't a bad thing when the course has been successful (and Tim Duncan is on your team).

3 - Shaq for Marion - The Suns were clearly a team with issues and the reports of Shawn's locker room discontent were legendary but pulling the trigger on this deal dropped a huge bolder in the middle of the Suns super highway. The Suns have yet to adjust to driving in the slow lane and I can't be the only person that thinks Marcus Banks would be a better back up for Nash right now then a pair of rookies.

2 - Harris for Kidd - Mark Cuban refused to believe that his team didn't have a chance last year and made an epic mistake by giving up on his young future star too soon. Does anyone anywhere think that Jason Kidd v2009 is even half the player of Devin Harris? Epic over reaction.

1 - Lakers do nothing (steal Gasol) - Remember Suns fans the good old days of summer 2007 when Kobe was demanding a trade and calling Bynum worthless? Remember how the Laker's struggled for years while they developed young players like Vujacic and Farmar? Remember all the heat Mitch Kupcek was taking for not trading for Jermain O'Neal or Jason Kidd? The Lakers stayed patient and stocked up on a few movable young pieces and waited for Kwame Brown's expiring contract to be worth more then Kwame Brown and then pounced on Pau. Do you think Kobe still wants out of LA?




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