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Open Gameday Thread - Suns vs Grizzlies

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Phoenix Suns

Memphis Grizzlies
17-12 10-22
6:00PM Mountain / 8:00 PM Eastern
TV: My45 HD
Probable starters:
Leandro Barbosa PG Kyle Mike Lowry Conley
Jasun Richardsun SG OJOMG Mayo
Grant Hill
SF Rudy Gay
Am'are Sto'ude'mir'e
PF Darrell Arthur
The Big Tweet C Marc Gasol
Official Suns Game Notes

Let's see how similar this game is to last night's win over the Thunder:

  • Bottom feeding western conference opponent. Check
  • No Nash. Check
  • Amazingly talented rookie guard that can have (another) career night against the Suns back court. Check
  • Must Not Lose Game. Check

and the differences...

  • A large diesel that played 31 minutes last night and may or may not be able to deliver a decent performance tonight
  • Amare who only played 23 minutes last night should (must) show up and dominate
  • JRich is young and motivated enough to give another great performance (with hopefully a high FG%)
  • LB normally does well in starts and has been playing solid of late (except for the Spurs game). Let's see his D show up again tonight
  • Barnes tweaked his ankle in last nights game. Hopefully he's G2G (as the kids say) because Grant also doesn't do well in B2B games

as for the Grizz...

  • Darko is out for weeks w/ a broken knuckle
  • Stevie Franchise and Darius Miles have been signed to right the ship in Memphis
  • OJ Mayo and Rudy Gay are both capable of winning the game single handedly
  • Marc Gasol has no help behind him and must not get into foul trouble against Shaq (look for the Suns to feed Shaq early)
  • Darrell Arthur is in for a long (or short) night against Amare