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Open Gameday Thread - Suns vs Mavericks

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Phoenix Suns

Dallas Mavericks
11-8 9-8
6:00PM Mountain / 8:00 PM Eastern
TV: TNT, My45 HD
Probable starters:
Steve Nash PG Jason Kidd
Raja Bell SG Gerald Green
Barnes? Hill?
SF Devean George
Amare Stoudemire
PF The Dirk
@The_Real_Shaq C Erick(a) Dampier
Official Suns Game Notes

Let's agree to forget about last night. It wasn't a horrible game overall but the frustration with Amare's lackluster performance as 'Da Man cast a long shadow on the otherwise stellar performances of Grant Hill and Matt Barnes and the very solid efforts of Leandro and Boris. Even Rookie Lopez is easily forgiven for his lack of rebounding prowess given his limited floor time. I fully expect his numbers to get much better over time.

The Suns for all the drama and hype and angst will go as far this season as Amare can take them. After the last few weeks it's understandable that fans' hopes are as low as Amare's rebounding numbers. I would only caution once again that we've seen this all before with Amare and we've seen him get out of his own way and perform for extended periods of time. I was hoping this year we wouldn't have this all again but clearly Mr. Stoudemire is still (to paraphrase a cliche) a Maturity in Progress.

As for tonight's game against the Mav's, I would first refer you to this excellent comparisons made between the two teams at Hardwood Paroxysm.

Okay, we're going to put a stop to this right now. The Suns and Mavericks are not the same. Here is a list of the similarities between the two:
  • They used to be really, really good, and now are only kind of good.
  • Their point guards are old.
  • They both have all-star caliber power forwards.
  • They both have coaches.

Boom. That's it. The Suns started this season off on a tear, and then kind of fell off the map. The Mavs however, started slow, and are now starting to pick up steam. One of these teams is criticized for shooting too many jumpers. The other could actually be losing because they're throwing it into the post too often.

The Mavs team will roll with no J-Ho (recovering from a pringles bing) and Jerry Stackhouse (strained right pain in the ass) and will start Deavon "I refuse to be traded to the Nets" George and Gerald "I can jump higher then you but don't know how to play basketball" Green.

Looking at the Mavs latest box score though the term "starter" on this team is apparently meaningless. Dampier and Green "started" but played a combined 9 minutes while bench players Barea, Diop and Bass all played over 20 minutes and "reserve" Jason Terry played over 40. So who knows what mix of players the Mavs will throw out tonight. Carlisle's rotations apparently make even less sense then Porter's.

But all of that doesn't matter as long as Dirk can clear out all his team mates from half the court and launch jumpers over any one's head. Will Amare show up and work against Dirk or will he leave that boring "defense" stuff to Boris and Barnes? Remember Barnes and the Warriors locking up Dirk in the playoffs? That was fun.

In theory, I like our chances in this one but these days, I would just assume make a paper bag hand puppet then predict what the Suns are going to do.