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Suns drop 4th straight to Mavs 112 - 97 (but it really wasn't even that close)

Hey Suns fans. I have some good news to share with you. While I was letting the stench of this game be washed away by Michael Scott and Liz Lemon I heard from someone who is feeling worse then you are. And I quote:

Whatthe hell is wrong wit da suns - @The_Real_Shaq

Don't you feel better now knowing that The Big Champion is struggling right there with you? He feels your pain. He's asking for your input. Shaq wants to know - whatthe hell is wrong wit da suns.

Oh Shaq, where to start...

It might be that your team mates aren't really playing much defense. We see you out there trying Shaq we do. But when you are doing a better job covering Dirk at the 3 point line then Amare that generally isn't a good thing. Just saying.

Look Shaq. I am no expert on these matters but IMHO if the entire team is walking on egg shells to keep Mr. Black Ego happy and the team's spirits, energy and general level of effort is better with it's "best player" on the bench that could be a bad thing. Maybe. I am not 4 sure.

Here's another thought. When you (and by you I mean the royal you not you in your ever loving largeness because we all understand that your sore ass is causing you knee trouble and you are doing your best. Really no sarcasm at all. You have been the best player on this team all season. You da The_Real_Shaq.) let the other team dominate the boards and you give up 1732 second chance points then it seems really difficult out there.

And finally Mr. Shaqtus. In all humility I would humbly suggest that you and your friends go back to the arts and crafts locker room and perhaps this time try something a bit more challenging. A challenge can some times bring a team together. Perhaps, and I am just throwing this out there, but perhaps a Papier-mâché replica of David Stern. You could fill it with candy and hang it from the rim and take turns whacking it with Robert Sarver's foam finger. It's just an idea.

The good news is that Saturday we get to come home where the team has played oh so well and try again. If first (and three more times) you don't succeed, try try try try and try again.

Are we having fun yet?





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