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Suns Nip Wiz: 108 - 107

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This game was far closer then one would expect given that the Suns led in FG% 49% to 44% against a depleted Washington squad. One guess why? That's right, offense rebounds three point shooting. The Suns who have been near tops in the league at a stingy 33% from behind the arc gave up 9-20 (45%) to the Wiz. This comes just days after trading away once of the best perimeter defensive players. Coincidence? Perhaps. Sometimes Roger Mason and Deshawn Stevenson are just going to get theirs' no matter what you do. Oh, and btw the Wiz also lead in OREB 16 - 5 but only had 3 more FGA's then the Suns. The Suns really should trade for a big man to help from getting killed each night on the glass every night. I wonder who's available??

Player of the Game:
Amare Stoudemire was a complete and total stud tonight with 31 points and 13 rebounds along with 4 blocks including one of the best mano e mano double block sequences ever late in the second quarter. Everone with a microphone seemed to think Amare was trying to impress his new big brother and that could be the case. Or it could be the case that Amare had another great game on national TV of which he has had many this year and in the years past. Btw, Amare was 10 for 10 with free tosses which now makes him 25 of 25 in the past two games. Take that all you haters who called him out after those misses against the Spurs.

Honorable Mention:
Honorable mention really is shared by Bell, Diaw, Skinner and Hill who all had solid performances even if none really stood out.

An at-a-boy goes to the rookie who has been playing much better since the weight of Marcus Banks has been lifted from his shoulders. This kid continues to impress and is showing why a late 2nd rounder is ahead of the 26th pick in the rotation. I wonder what will come of Tucker? Could he really stand a chance at sticking in the NBA after DJ lapped him like this?

IV Bag:
For those that might not have heard, LB left the game with flu symptoms and was apparantly ill all day. Some guys can play sick ala MJ in the 1998 finals and some guys just leave their lunch on the floor like LB did tonight. barf barf. That's ok kid, just get better before Wednesday. We are going to need that offense against the Warriors.

And I hate to be the one to mention this but Nash doesn't seem to be well either. And I don't mean his viral load. There just seems to be something a bit off in his game lately. A step slow. Anyone else seeing this?

Bonus Coverage: Its not every night someone gets their jugular vien cut and it makes the sports highlights. Watch this one only if you like blood and gore.

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