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Jason Kidd to Dallas?

Since it looks like this is pretty near official, I thought I'd create a separate place to discuss it.

First the story on ESPN:

As leery as I usually am of posting anything that starts with "sources say", the Shaq trade has emboldened me a bit. So, assuming this deal is to be done as stated, it has the Mavericks sending a full third of their roster out to the Nets, and receiving three players back in return (including one in a separate deal):

To New Jersey:

  • Devin Harris
  • Jerry Stackhouse (probably to be bought out and maybe re-signed by the Mavs in 30 days)
  • DeSagna Diop (expiring contract -- could the Nets buy him out too?)
  • Devean George (ditto)
  • Maurice Ager
  • Cash (league-max $3million)
  • 2008 and 2010 first round picks
To Dallas:
  • Jason Kidd
  • Malik Allen
  • Antoine Wright (in a separate deal)
From Mavs Moneyball:
It sucks, and it's stupid, and it sucks.

Tell us how you really feel, Wes.

Oh, and welcome to our world...

[Update 02/13/08 7:00 PM MT]: Looks like the Mavs and Nets have hit a speed bump in their trade plans. Devean George ain't having it. This guy has a no-trade clause? Really?

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