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Carnival of the NBA #54

The 54th Carnival of the NBA is up at Bright Side of the Sun is represented by a plethora of Shaq-related posts from the infamous Trade Week. Also of interest, seeing as how this is a projections site, they included predictions compiled from around the blogosphere on how the seeding will end up at the end of the season. Clearly lots of folks are more optimistic than I am about the Suns' ability to work a potentially tidal wave-inducing boulder into their pond in just 29 games. With lots of meetings against tough opponents coming up, I've been thinking somewhere between a 4-6 seed is more realistic. But Kobe's pinkie woes and the Mavericks' Kidding themselves could change things, obviously. Plus, you never want to underestimate the Suns' ability to do the seemingly impossible (see 2005-06). So, #1 seed anybody?

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