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Trade Deadline Rumor Thread

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With the trade deadline on the horizon and the Suns still needing to pick up a 13th player to complete their roster, here is a thread for discussing the latest rumors. These are the ones I have heard about so far:

From Arizona Republic, the Suns are looking to deal a second-round pick for one of Quinton Ross (Clippers), Yakhouba Diawara (Nuggets),  Mickael Gelabale (Seattle), or possibly Mickael Pietrus (Warriors). Ross is said to be at the top of the list. Isn't this the guy we always hide "rest" Steve Nash on when we play the Clippers?

ESPN's Chad Ford says in this Insider Free Preview article (hat tip Sactown Royalty) that the Suns could be a "dark horse" in landing Ron Artest by using their trade exception and Atlanta's pick. This seems highly unlikely, but then again, so did the Shaq trade at first. Something like this would certainly fit with the "all in" theme, especially since Artest's salary would count double because of the luxury tax. But this would be a quick fix for replacing some of the versatile defense that walked out the door with Shawn Marion (not that Grant Hill isn't doing an admirable job of filling in the gap). Never thought I'd be amenable to Artest being on my team, but his contract is up after next season, and it seems to take him at least that long to wear out his welcome. Maybe it's worth the risk?

[Update 1:48 PM MT]: Nothing doing for Ross (or Artest, or anyone else on the above lists) apparently. From srp's comments:

Gambo on KTAR is reporting that the only real deal the Suns were working on was Ross for a 2nd round pick and that the Clips didn't go for it. He interviewed Sarver yesterday and they talked about an impending deal but didn't name the guy. It sounds as if Sarver told him off-the-record that it was Ross.

He is reporting they are looking at some guys that might get bought out: Gierecek or Barry.

He is saying they will sign Linton Johnson or Bobby Jones with the signs pointing to Linton. Here's his profile.

Update [2008-2-21 20:45:7 by srp]:

Looks like the Suns are done. No Artest. No Ross. No Pietrus.

Too bad. I would have loved to seen Crazy Pills in a Suns uniform. But I get that the risk and cost would be very high. Of course, the same can be said in Shaq-sized multiples about the last trade...let's not go there.

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