Suns Flame Out Against the Pistons (116-86)

Wow, sad day, and I was so excited to see my third game on TV in the same week here in Dallas. All the happiness that came with the Boston game was equally measured with frustration in the game.

No big analysis here, just some simple comments then we can hopefully forget this game and hope either Boston or Cleveland knocks out Detroit in the playoffs to help our chances. Not that I don't think we couldn't come back and beat them, but I think we need 10-20 more games to really see what we have.

As AZ Republic said it was ugly to watch the second quarter as the Detroit out ran US!#?

My points:

a. Our defense was very poor, but its hard for any team to stop a motivated Wallace, the way he was hitting his shots. Reminded me of Duncan, he just wasn't missing.

b. At the Boston game we were running weaves and picks and cuts at the free throw line, it reminded me of the things my dad taught me as a kid when playing. My all time favorite thing he taught me, I was a quick guard, and he'd teach us on defense to drive a player in one direction and at that very moment we turned him, I'd sweep in from the other side and steal. We had more coaches from other teams screaming at us (like we were cheating) than points the Lakers & Detroit put up against us. WHERE WAS THE MOVEMENT, IT JUST LOOKED AWFUL ON OFFENSE, A TOTAL COLLAPSE.

c. If Shaq doesn't improve on being able to jump and score from within 2-3 feet of the rim, we're in trouble. That's the gamble, how much can he improve...and for me, I think a lot of it is motivation, and sadly, it's very clear his comes and goes (last 2-3 years). But, I'm confident because of Hill and Amare that we can get a lot out of Shaq in the playoffs.

d. It seems our only offense in the first half was Amare, and Amare's shooting stats don't show it, but he had many attempts where he couldn't even get a shot off. Did I mention we need an outside shooter who ....drum roll....can consistently score from the outside...L.B....(ok)..but Bell is NOT THAT ANSWER...he's our defense and heart.

e. After the Boston game and the effort of the last 2 weeks by the Suns, I have never been more excited to be a fan, then today happens....

I'm going to forget about it, one lesson though, the east is tougher than the last 1-2 years.

A side note, Bill Walton is a flip flopper, I hope he appears in Black Sheep 2 as food.

I think we're going to become really familiar which teams we can destroy, and which ones destroy us, and it rests on Amare more than ever. I think Amare has trouble against 3-4 different teams, and this is one of them. As for Shaq, either he needs to get in better shape and start converting from 1 foot away, or he needs to never shoot unless its a dunk. Where was the Shaq from the last 2 games diving for loose balls, etc?

One bright spot beside a spurt from LB: DJ. This guy is quickly becoming more than just a quick relief, I think he should be played more and more.

Tough game, so many shots just didn't fall, on the crowd booing, I see both sides:

Side A: We're Suns fans, for better or worse, so we shouldn't be abandoning them.

Side B: They're playing badly, maybe a little booing will motivate them.

Personally, I'm not married to the Suns, I am to my wife, so, I think booing was in order today. As least fight harder, get ejected, fight, kick, throw shoes!!! The energy level was a quiet 2 from the Suns, where only the last 2 games it was a 10+

These players get millions of dollars, unless they're as delicate as Marion (who was watching and probably saying.."hey man...don't disrespect me....I'm much better than you think I am") I think a little booing in a game like this was called for. I want effort, I want hustle, even if we lose (like we did against the Lakers recently), at least we played hard. Not today....



If we have to play in the day in the afraid, be very afraid.

Oh...and for some stats

Suns played bad. The Pistons played good

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