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Finally official: Barry stays home with the Spurs

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It's official. Brent Barry will return to the Spurs according to the latest from the Arizona Republic. It's not like this is a big surprise. I never believed for a second he wouldn't want to go back to the team he's won championships with, been with for years, and most importantly, is based in the same city as his home and family (not to mention he's still healing from a calf injury, and could probably use the extra rest anyway). Can't blame the Suns for trying though, although I have a feeling Barry would have been more valuable for his inside info on the Spurs than anything else.

Now, the Suns can concentrate on their backup plan: Signing a guy who actually wants to play for them.

On that note, I'm taking a breather from posting for the next couple of days to concentrate on some things that don't involve sitting in front of a computer. Srp has the soapbox floor all to himself through Saturday and possibly Sunday if I can talk him into doing the weekly review. Hopefully, we can get back to sounding like the "bright side" around here soon. (Some help from the Suns would be nice).

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