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If the Bobcats get beat on the wood do Suns fans care?

This is a screed. It's about Suns fans expectations versus their appreciation - or lack there of.

Last night the Suns beat the Bobcats again. The Suns always beat the Bobcats.  They have never ever not beaten the Bobcats. The Bobcats were without G-Force or Adam Morrison or Sean May or really any chance at all to win in Phoenix even after three days off and hosting a plethora of Super Bowl parties. So it's not an unreasonable thing for Suns fans to expect to beat the Bobcats. I get that.  

But here comes my screed. Why can't Suns fans at least appreciate beating the Bobcats.  Enjoy it even, as a Monday night display of basketball goodness. There was so much to love about that game.

Amare hustling for an offensive rebound and not getting it but still getting props from the week night crowd that included about 3,000 paid for but empty seats. Not to mention hanging with a much bigger team on the glass.
The Matrix skying between two very large men to snag a board and then with 2 seconds on the clock chuck the ugliest running 3 pointer that ever somehow managed to find the bottom of the net.
Barbosa floating down the court like a speed skater.
Bell missing his first 5 wide open 3's and then hitting his next 7 of 8. And not allowing J-Rich any room to breath in the half court offense.
And even a 6'9" French point guard manning up against a true NBA former #2 pick center and doing pretty well just to not get torched on every possession and in doing so allowing Amare to only pick up one 1st half foul by hiding on Nazr Don't-Pass-Me-The-Ball Mohammed (and just to be clear - all teams hide their good big man the other team's not good big man).

This wasn't a great Suns performance by any means and we are not going to win (or lose) the championship on a February game against the Bobcats. But if you can't find anything to enjoy about a game like this then maybe you should just come back in April and let us fans appreciate watching a great team play ball a few times per week without complaining about everything and enjoying nothing. Live a little. /screed

ed note: This isn't just aimed at BSoS denzians but the greater world of over anxious Suns fans. You know who you are.

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