Shaq for Matrix and Banks?

I was just coming to post about this and saw your's so I bumped it...-srp

I'm sure this is all BS, but if the Suns are actually considering a slow, injured, and washed up Shaq................................................................................................ ..............................................

Update [2008-2-5 21:16:50 by srp]:

I am going to add some thoughts of my own but first from the original source of the rumor:

The Heat has told center Shaquille O'Neal's representation that it is talking about trading him and he should be prepared for the possibility of a deal, according to two officials close to the situation. Phoenix has discussed sending forward Shawn Marion and point guard Marcus Banks to the Heat in return for O'Neal.

Asked for confirmation, one of O'Neal's representatives said O'Neal has been made aware that discussions with Phoenix are serious and ongoing, but that a deal was not definite.

I first got this rumor via text message alert from ESPN and KTAR about 5:10pm MST while standing in line to pick up Chinese food. I got home and mentioned it to my wife who said "that's stupid" which pretty much sums up my reaction as well.

I would love to say this is too dumb to even be considered with all the other Marion rumors we have heard about over the years but there's something about the Heat telling Shaq about it that seems to make it feel more true. And more scary.

So here it is. WTF! Why on EARTH would the Suns do this. How does taking on a broken down Diesel with two years/$40m make a bit of sense! Forget about how you replace the best perimeter defender in the league with a geriatric Shaq or how the Suns could possibly still run with Shaq on the floor like a giant anchor tied to a speed boat. Or how you could think that this guy could provide $20m worth of value for TWO MORE YEARS let along the rest of this season. Its just too dumb for words.

I IM'd TexSun about it and of course she was totally skeptical too. She thought that perhaps the Suns could somehow get Shaq declared crippled for life and recoup his salary via insurance and free up the cap space. Is that even possible? Rosewood? Even so, then you have traded the Matrix and Banks for what. A lottery type pick from the Heat (also rumored to be in the deal) and cap space? What are we here - Memphis? That would be a total act of capitulation for this season from the team with the best record in the West.

No, there's just no way this deal happens. I refuse to believe it.

Update [2008-2-5 21:30:00 by TexSUN]:

Well first things first, this has to be a joke. At least it better be. To elaborate a bit on srp's note about the IM conversation, that was me trying to dream up some way, any way this trade could possibly make some semblance of sense from the Suns' perspective. Unless the Suns are planning to trade Mike D'Antoni for Pat Riley as part of the deal, I just can't see Shaq fitting into the Suns' system any way, any how. I think Scott Bordow of the East Valley Tribune said it best:

O’Neal is old and broken down. He would fit into Mike D’Antoni’s system about as well as a tank on the Autobahn. The trade doesn't even make sense from a financial standpoint, as Marion--even if he takes his option this summer--is only signed for one more season, while Shaq has two. Which brings me to the IM conversation with srp--the only possible way I can imagine this trade making an iota of sense from the Suns side of things (barring a complete upheaval of the run-and-gun system) is if Miami includes their own pick unprotected, and if Shaq's hip problem is so bad that it qualifies as a career ending injury, thereby allowing his salary to be picked up by insurance. I'm not even sure that's allowed with a traded player, and even if it is, I agree with srp that it would make it seem like the Suns had given up on winning the ring this season. So here are my thoughts:
  1. This rumor is total bunk.
  2. In the unlikely event this rumor is not total bunk, there's something more to this that we're just not seeing.
As it stands, I am waiting impatiently for Steve Kerr to channel Mark Cuban with a "step away from your crack dealer" type of remark. Or just to reiterate Robert Sarver's "flat out not getting traded" comment from a few weeks ago. Then again, perhaps something like this is so ludicrous that it doesn't even dignify a response?

Update [2008-2-6 0:58:12 by srp]:

I hate to say it friends but the worst is looking like it might happen:

Coro is reporting that Shaq is coming to town Wednesday for a physical. I guess the Suns have a geriatric specialist on retainer...there's still hope that Sarver will see the light or Shaq will fall and can't get up sometime between now and a press conference with The Big Daddy in Orange and Purple. The thought just makes me sick. Go on Spurs and Lakers fans. Gloat away....Kerr and Sarver may be doing what your teams can't - destroy the Suns hopes.

If that game Monday against the Bobcats turns out to be the last time I saw Marion in a Suns uni...too depressing for words. Good night.