Best Case Scenario - is it worth it?

It's pretty clear that about 75% of Suns fans are in mortal shock right now and the other 25% are smoking crack...ok, maybe just a little happy tabaky.

But what if everything works out perfectly and the Suns actually win the ring with this new "Suns" team. Is it worth it? Is it even still the Suns?

First some assumptions:

  • Shaq shows up and is actually healthy, in shape and able to play (forget for a minute what that says about the man's character for jaking the Heat this season)

  • The Suns locker room chemistry erupts in rainbows and flowers and proves that Marion was actually a Dementor sucking all the happiness from the team's soul

  • Amare and Shaq can share the paint and not turn into Curry and Zebo

  • Shaq can play solid D on Duncan, Dampier or Dirk(?), Bynum or Gasol(?), Boozer or Okur (?), Chandler or West (?) and then KG or Sheed and not turn into Ben Wallace with bigger feet and a fatter wallet

  • Diaw steps us and give us the consistent Full French (no really, this time he does)

  • Hill can take on some of Marion's perimeter D and runs the floor without leaving his ankles at the half court line

  • Shaq shows up and is actually healthy, in shape and able to play (this deserves being mentioned twice)

  • The Suns get the Heat's lottery pick and are able to get a really good young center like Horford or Odom (oh right, this is the point guard draft and we still need one of those too)

So, assume all that and a Shaq-load more and everything works out swimmingly and the Suns are able to win the ring this year and ask yourself this:

Is it worth it to sell the team's soul to the devil to finally hang a banner in the USAC rafters?

Is it a better option then moving Marion for a few other parts that would include an athletic big like Channing Frye or Johan Petro and another young player or two? Or my favorite option - standing pat and giving this team another run even if it means you lose Marion next year and end up with a ton of cap space to play with.

Does a ring justify a $40 million millstone filling your cap space bathtub?

And most importantly, is a ring worth turning the most exciting show on sneakers into...well into the Heat?

I still say no.