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It's Official - Shaq Is a Sun. Time to Get On Board

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Well, all protests aside, Shaq is now officially a Sun. Whatever we may personally think about the trade, I guess it's time for us fans to get on board. Time to wish Shawn Marion well in Miami. Time to forget Shaq used to be a Laker, and accept that he's on our side now. He says he won't let us down. Let's give him a chance to make good on that. To help get us started in the right direction, here are a few thoughts on the bright side of the trade:

  1. No more Marcus Banks.
  2. More DJ Strawberry.
  3. A happier workplace since Amare doesn't have to play center anymore (Shawn doesn't have to play the four spot anymore either, at least not here).
  4. A rejuvenated Shaq helped lead a Miami Heat team to the championship just two short years ago, and that team was much less talented than the Suns are even without the Matrix.
  5. We have a new mentor for Amare who has four rings in his pocket.
I still can't say I'm overjoyed to be cheering for a guy I've spent most of my NBA fan-life despising, but I suppose I'll get over it if the Suns are the last team standing at the end of June. (Right now, I feel more like this).

In other, completely unrelated news, Steve Nash will be in the 3-point shooting contest at the All-Star game this year.

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