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Hornets beat Suns: 132 - 130 2OT

How great was this game! No really, how great was it? I have no idea.

I watched every minute of what was probably one of the most entertaining games of the year despite the loss and I enjoyed none of it. I felt like I was watching the Bucks play the Knicks for all the emotional investment I had in this one.

I wish I could talk about all the great parts of this game from LB's clutch 3's, Hill's D and hussle, Amare's 4 blocks, CP3's MVP performance with 8 amazing steals!, Nash's 10 turnovers 12 assists, the Full French followed by the disappearing Frenchman followed by the Benched French. But no.

All I can think about is Shaq's fat ass. Everything I have hated about this guy for 15 years from the traveling and non-calls to the crappy free throws to the goofy nick-names to the bad movies and wanna-be cop badge. I have never liked anything about this guy and now he's in purple and orange. How in the world does he help us defend against the likes of the Hornets and Jazz? Maybe against Houston but against Portland?

Player of the Game:
Shawn Marion. Did you have any doubt? We will miss you Shawn. Even if you had to go its still a huge hole after all these years. Couldn't the Suns arrange for a nice send off at this game after all he's done for us? Now that would have been classy. But no, he will be erased from all Suns everything as if he never existed. Its like watching the Soviets deal with a change in leadership. One day the guy's picture is everywhere and he's a hero and the next its like he never existed. Shawn Marion? Who? I expected better from Tom Chambers and Eddie Johnson.

Runner up:
Suns PR spin for managing to convince (most)everyone that this was a good move in less then 24 hours. The mood around town went from shock and disbelief to acceptance to excitment in the span of one sunrise/sunset.

The Coach that was sure we could win with the team we had and the owner who said we would stand pat got a whiff of the Diesel fumes and all of sudden we can't win without of 325lbs of washed up dead weight. How do you trust these guys again? If the Suns players could put on the full court press as well as the Suns spin machine this team would be undefeated.

WAKE UP SHEEP! Our team now owns a $40 million broken down shack!

Oh yeah, is anyone happier about this deal then DJ Strawberry? Nice game rook.

Update [2008-2-7 9:16:2 by srp]:

A few thoughts in response to some of the comments

  • I have never been a huge Marion fan and often wrote that he was overrated and clearly should not be the highest paid player on the team based on his abilities and that he was NUTS to think he was going to a) get the deal he was asking for and b) be any kind of regular option in the offense and c) killed us by not agreeing to go to Boston. I get that he had to go
  • but that doesn't change the fact that this guy has been here a LONG time and did a lot for this team. He really represented what this team was about for a long time with the skills and effort he did bring. Suddenly you wake up and he's gone? Isn't there an adjustment period to get used to the idea?
  • then there's Shaq. Its not just all the other stuff about him I don't like. Or his huge contract that ties our hands for two more years. Or the GIANT sized risk that he won't be able to play at all. Mostly its that he's a step back to the 90's style of play. The Suns are at their best not just running the break but moving the ball and cutting. The Suns half court game this year was MUCH improved as I have been saying for month's now. Shaq is a non-mobile force that catches the ball and either knocks someone over or passes out of a double and waits for the ball again. That style of basketball is so yesterday and everything this team isn't. This is a huge change in what the Suns are all about
  • there's a reason the entire basketball world is shocked by this deal. Because it doesn't make sense on so many levels. And a few press conferences and happy talk doesn't change anything
  • I have said since the off season that the Suns needed a legit 7ft center to let Amare play PF and give the team flexibility (like Dallas) to play big and bang sometimes but then also to go smaller. I was upset at the Tucker pick instead of trying for a quy like Kyrylo Fesenko or even Marc Gasol. Nazr Mohammed was available this year? Heck, even DJ Mbenga was available for free!But the team seemed to reject the idea of a big guy and didn't play the one's they've had (KT and Skinner both) because they were too slow on offense. So then they go and get a 36 y/o Shaq? It stinks of desparation combined w/ the standard Phx inferiority complex that leads to an idolization of stars. Think Penny
  • Oh yeah, I don't buy at all the this team couldn't win. People say they couldn't get over the hump the past 3 years. In year 1 remember this? Not to mention that it was year 1 and the team wasn't deep enough. Then in year 2 there was no Amare and we still almost won and we lost Raja w/ the calf injury. And last year all anyone anywhere was saying was that we got jobbed by Stern and Horry about would have won if not for the suspensions. Sure, the West is even better this year but so were the Suns. They certainly could have competed and then if you don't make it you can trade Marion or if he opts out you have all that cap space to re-tool for a run next year. Would that have been so bad? The Suns had as good a chance as anyone in the West. It would all come down to seedings, match-ups and injuries. There's never a sure thing (just ask the Patriots). All you can hope for is a solid opportunity and we certainly had that against any team out there. Do you really think the Spurs and Mavs are a lock? Or that the Hornets and Jazz fans are convinced they will win? Or the Lakers? Ok, the Lakers fans and media always think they will win but that doesn't make it true.
  • and one more thing. The Grizzlies gave up Gasol for cap space. How is Marion not even more attractive to a team in rebuild mode that can either get a decent player for a year and then have a ton of space for the buyer's market of free agents in 09 or if he does opt out after this year then you get that space even sooner and can make a run at the numerous big names that are going to be available. With the $8m trade exception the Suns still have they could have got back draft picks and young players and a mid-level guy from any number of teams like Indy, Charlotte, Bucks, Sonics, Hawks, etc. I don't have time to my job and Kerr's but he needed to work a little harder on this one and not just get sucked into the mystique of the Shaq that was and saddle this team w/ a huge contract for two more years.
  • I hope I am wrong about all this and Shaq is re-born and the Suns spirits are lifted and we win or even almost win the ring and that Shaq is able to be somewhat productive for two more years...

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