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Call Your Shot Contest: Bring it on!

Update [2008-2-22 19:14:14 by srp]:

Now that the game is one I thought I would do a quick check in on the standings.

Here's the Pre-trade vs. Current numbers:

Pre-trade Stat: Current Stat: Differential:
PPG 109.4 110.05 +.65
OPG 103.3 104.5 +1.18
FG% 49.2% 49.4% +.2%
OFG% 45% 45.3% +.3%
TREB Diff -6 -5.26 +.74
Win% 70.8% 68.5% -2.3%

Based on things so far here's the standing in our little contents and the "score" which is based on the absolute value of the prediction vs. actual. I can post the actual calculation used sometime later. But for now - here's the standings:

1st: Hawk42 - 0.40
2nd: Mazzou - 0.52
3rd: kidzero - 2.47
the rest
brian13 - 2.92
srp - 3.94
kj7- 4.02
Turumbar - 4.82
AZSEAFan - 5.32
Aluminum Foyle - 5.52
calphxfan - 7.80
SilverSprings - 8.12
Jsun - 12.02

Update [2008-2-20 12:47:18 by srp]:

Last chance to call your shot!

Win a Shaq Jersey! Call your shot!

We have ranted and raved and top ten'd this to death and now Shaq is here and its time to see what happens next. In fact, I am more then a little intrigued to see how this all plays out. But to make it a bit more interesting - as if this deal needed that - I think a little contest is in order so here's the rules:

The idea is to see if the Suns are better before the deal or after. Using some key stats we will see at the end of the year if the Suns have improved or declined. It's that simple.

All you have to do is call your shot on how the Suns finish versus their pre-deal numbers in the following areas:

Points per game
Opp points per game
Opp FG%
Total Rebound per game diff
Win/Lose %

Here's the pre-deal numbers and my picks using this site as reference:

Points per game / 109.4 / -3
Opp points per game / 103.3 / +1.5
FG% / 49.2% / -.5%
Opp FG% / 45% / + 2%
TReb per Game Diff / -6 / +.5
Win/Lose % / 70.8% / - 5%

Bonus Question: How far do the Suns make it in the playoffs?

I predict the Suns are out in the 2nd round and the Lakers win the West (that hurts just to type).

Translated it goes like this:
Stat / pre-deal stat / change in pre-deal stat at the end of the regular season. So for TReb per Game the pre-deal stat is -6 (we average 6 less total rebounds per game then our opponent) and I predict that this stat will increase by .5 so at the end of the season that stat will be -5.5. Clear?

To play this little game email me with your predictions any time before Shaq plays his first game as a Sun to: BSoSsrp at
(and be sure to post your predictions in the comments as well).

The Prize :

The person that gets closest to the actual end of season results gets a Shaq jersey.

Alright you diesel fume addled fans. Its time to call your shot - Bring it On!

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