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Suns - Sixers: Open Game Day Thread

Phoenix Suns

Philadelphia 76ers
39-19 26-33
7:00 PM Mountain / 9:00 PM Eastern
TV: FSNAZ HD, NBA League Pass
Probable starters:
Steve Nash PG Andre Miller
Raja Bell SG Willie Green
Grant Hill SF Andre Iguodala
Amare Stoudemire PF Thaddeus Young
Shaquille O'Neal C Samuel Dalembert

The conversation around here has (understandably) taken on the tone of a mutual grief counseling session: Anger, denial, bargaining. So this game thread is all about looking forward. Maybe just not that far forward.

And besides, on advise of my therapist and under threat from my wife I never watched the Hornets debacle on Tivo so I have nothing insightful, clever or incorrect to say about that disaster.

Moving on then...

The Suns seek redemption (or practice) tonight against a 76ers team that I honestly know very little about. There are 30 teams in the league and some standout for their surprising play and some for their pure hilarity and some don't stand out at all. That's the 76ers.

Here's what I know (or think I know):

  • They have a very small front line and are starting a 6'8" rookie at PF - I kind of like Amare's chances in that match up
  • I keep hearing how hard they play and according to Hawk's latest they are 7th in the East at 26-33 which puts them behind the Kings but ahead of the Clips out west. Given the roster I just reviewed that may in fact be an accomplishment. Compared to the talent and payroll in NYC its downright Celtic's-like
  • I lived in Salt Lake City in the late 90's when Andre Miller played with Keith Van Horn and Michael Doleac and got to the final 4. Relevant to this game? Not in the least. I told you I don't know much about the 76ers...
  • Given all that, this should be a pre-season game that the Suns should better win

I assume live blogging will commence at the appointed moment...not sure though since I can't really manage to watch, scream and blog all at the same time so don't wait on me

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