Where "Healthier than Ever" Happens

Let's get carried away for a moment.  We're fans, if we take the losses harder than the players, we should enjoy the wins in fair proportion.  And this win is even better considering the heartache that preceded them.

In honor of the win, I am reminded of the similar thinking regarding our recent MVP HOF addition and another SUNS MVP HOF.  In 2004, Dallas didn't want to overpay for an old, over-the-hill PG who would break down.  Now, many people did not want the Suns to mortgage the future on an old, over-the-hill MVP HOF center.  

As they say, ones and fives win in this league.  And in Phoenix, especially with a coach like D'Antoni and with the training staff we have, unconventional thinking pays off.  

Steve Nash - Grant Hill - Shaquille O'Neal

The Phoenix Suns
Where "Younger Than You Think" Happens!