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Game Day Thread: Suns v. Kings

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Phoenix Suns

Sacramento Kings
43-22 29-35
7:00 PM Pacific / 10:00 PM Eastern
Probable starters:
Steve Nash PG Beno Udrih
Raja Bell SG Kevin Martin
Grant Hill??? SF Ron Artest
Amare Stoudemire PF Mikki Moore
Shaquille O'Neal C Brad Miller

Los Suns play the Kings tonight coming off the big wins against the Spurs and Warriors with the thumping of the Grizz thrown in there.

This is certainly a game that Los Suns has to and should win but I don't think they're going to roll over as easily as a Memphis team searching for a high lotto pick.

The Kings wing players Salmons, Garcia and Ron-Ron are tough match-ups but we've got a huge edge w/ Amare and Shaq down low. Let's break down the numbers:

Early Defensive Intensity + NO LET DOWN = Win Tonight

And because you just can't get enough of the blatently obvious:

Score more point then the Kings = Win Tonight

Who am I kidding:

Suns vs Kings = Win Tonight

And for your Grant Hill wrist update courtesy of Mr. Coro:

Grant Hill's right wrist was still sore more than 12 hours after Golden State guard Monta Ellis undercut the Suns forward, who dropped to the floor.
Friday's light practice consisted mostly of shooting, but Hill didn't participate. His status for Saturday's game was unclear.
"We'll see how it goes," D'Antoni said.

I am thinking that GG on Ron Ron might just be a better match up. Gordon is bigger and stronger and more physical then Grant and for whatever reason the Jazz have gotten under Crazy Pill's skin. Maybe Gordon can bring some of that and send Artest off the deep end into a fenzy of ill advised long range jumpers.

This is deffinately one game where I would not want to be sitting in the first few rows.

Other players to watch: Diaw has played well of late. Count on him to be a non-factor tonight. He's due.

And finally, this guy seems to light it up against the Kings. He's due as well:

Sactown Royalty is one of the better team blogs out there. They've got the flip side view of this one.

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