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Suns Dethrone Kings: 127 - 99

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I am making this recap short. There's not much to say is there.

The game was close with the Suns up 1pt early in the second quarter when they went on an epic run to outscore the Kings 42-14 in the second.

The Kings, I should say Ron Artest, played hard in the 3rd and outscored the Suns 31-22 but the boys put it away and closed out in nice fashion.

Skinner got some solid minutes in the first after Amare had a few quick fouls and the bench in general was awesome led by Gordan Giricek.

Player of the Game

Amare was unbelievable. He is right now as explosive and creative as anyone in the game. Totally unstoppable.

Runner Up Player of the Game

Gordan Giricek really looked sharp hitting open three's, driving and scoring in a few different ways. I take back all the bad things I said and thought about this pick up. This guy really adds some depth to the bench and brings a different element with his all around game. Bravo GG.

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