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Shaq Contest Update

With all the talk about Shaq and the trade and those who are in favor and those (me) who are still opposed it seem like a good time to check in on the numbers from the Call Your Shot contest.

Here's the numbers:

Pre-trade Stat: Current Stat: Differential:
PPG 109.4 110 .6
OPG 103.3 105.2 +1.9
FG% 49.2% 49.6% +.4%
OFG% 45% 45.5% +.5%
TREB Diff -6 -3.9 +2.1
Win% 70.8% 66.7% -4.1%

This week's headline:
Offensive production has picked up a bit and I would credit that mostly to Amare. The D is worse. Rebounding numbers are still improving fast.

And finally here's the standings in our little contest and the "score" which is based on the absolute value of the prediction vs. actual.

1st: kidzero - 0.01
2nd: Hawk42 - 0.04
3rd: Aluminum Foyle - .2

The rest
srp: .74
calphxfan: .86
Mazzou: .88
kj7: 1.34
Turumbar: 1.76
brain13: 1.88
AZSEAFan : 2.46
SilverSprings: 5.16
Jsun: 8.86

Things are certainly tightening up....

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