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Sixers Sink Suns 119 - 114

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Hellooooo! Is anyone there?
Is the bandwagon empty?
Maybe not quite yet.

I'm past mad or sad or frustrated. I am Clippers fan. I now expect our team to lose when they take the court. I have adjusted to low expectations.

For those not here yet, I understand. I have seen it before. The business owner that keeps spending thinking that the next big contract is right around the corner. The homeowner that believes they can save the house right up to eviction. Hope is always the last thing to go. I feel you. But after 36 years as a Suns fan I guess resignation just comes a little too easy.

As for the game, say whatever you want about this one, the last one or the last 5 games. Only one thing is certain - in 7 weeks someone is going to be saying I told you so. I certainly hope its me eating crow.

In two weeks when the preseason ends this could be the hottest team in basketball. They certainly have the talent and honestly Shaq hasn't been a complete disaster on the court and he even had some touch from within his 1 meter range tonight.

But what happened to the magically diesel-fueled chemistry that was supposed to prevent playing down to the level of the competition?
Where's the extra effort that was suppose to come the exercision of the lockeroom cancer?
Where's the DAMN DEFENSE!

Ok, I am still mad.

Looking for some Bright Sides?

  • How about Bor Iaw having half of a great game
  • Amare was 26 and 11 and didn't get torched on D by a nobody
  • The Big If was pretty active trapping the ball way out on the floor and recovering as fast as a speeding train and he hit a few of those little hooks and pushes in paint bringing his effective range from zero to 2 feet
Player of the Game:
Coach D. The FSN AZ side line reporter reported that during a 4th Qtr timeout he told the Suns that if they didn't start playing basketball they weren't going to make the playoffs. That's the best thing I have heard him say in a long time.

Runner-up Players of the Game:
AI with 32 and Andre Miller with 25. But honestly, that's like giving Tucker props for scoring 40 in the D league.

Next Installment of Algebra w/ srp:

1st Place in the West - Best Defensive Player + Big If = 5th Seed

Boxscore Recap     Arizona Republic

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