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Suns Drop Sonics: 110 - 98

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This was a game that the..@#$$!@#$...dropped that one...!@$%@#$...damn...!@#@#@...can't get the handle...

Turnovers. More turnovers. Three's. More three's. Bell's ankle. Game over.

Player of the Game Not Named Steve Clutch Nash

Raja Bell. 6-6 from 3 and once again playing solid D. This time holding down overhyped phenom Rookie-of-the-Year-To-Be to a uninspired 6-13 with about half those makes on uncontested layups off turnovers and couple of really sorry looking charges where he somehow thought that by running through Grant Hill he could get to the locker room faster then by...oh say pulling up for a jumper (a lost art on the break) or you know, going around a Hill with its feet planted. Back to Raja. He was awesome and just starting to really get into a groove. I am seriously hoping that the sprain isn't as bad as it looked. My guess is he's out about three games though. That looked like a bad one.

Full French

To my main man Johan Petro. This summer the Sonics had about 12 big guys and somehow we couldn't figure out how to get this guy when he was barely getting minutes. As he get's more burn his value is going to increase and that window may have closed. But tell me you don't like that guy on the floor w/ Nash and Amare blocking shots, grabbing rebounds, running the floor, hitting an occassional J and most importantly using his length and mobility to guard all kinds of stud centers. For those wondering what we should have done instead of Shaq? This is your man for the low low price of $1m this year and I am betting that he could be signed for something less then the $20m/yr Big Role Player.

Boxscore Recap     Arizona Republic

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