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A Suns Fan Cheering from Heaven

Since there are several people here who also read and vice-versa, I wanted to take a quick moment to extend condolences to the family of long-time member and moderator "MEE", who passed away last night. My one encounter with her personally was brief--she promoted one of my posts to "sticky" status, and let me know she'd done it. Just normal, mundane moderator stuff. But her contributions to were tremendous. She was always the one with the calming word when discussions turned heated or negative. She led the cries of "BEAT LA!" with this incredibly cute graphic whenever the Suns played the Lakers. This past January, she was the first out to wish everyone well for the New Year and extend the "biggest group-hug ever", even though she was probably not feeling so well herself at that point.

Our thoughts go out to her family and friends, who know she'll be looking down from above the day the Suns finally bring home the prize.

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