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NBA Blogs - Media or Fan sites

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Ever since this business with Cuban banning bloggers I have been scratching my head over this question.

Are blogs like ours media or fan sites and what's the difference anyway?

When you talk about access and all these questions raised by Cuban's ham-handed actions this is the question I keep coming back to.

The discussion about access and credentials and the logistics is clearly a side show as Henry Abbott shows in this great post on the topic. Credential procedures and blogger standards could be established and policed.

For me the issue is different.

I am a Suns fan. I would love to have access just like most Suns fans would. But if I had credentials and regular access I think I would find myself behaving more like a media member. Policing what I "report". Worrying about how Sean Marks will treat me if I dog his new haircut on the blog.

What makes blogging worthwhile for me - and it ain’t the money! - is the freedom to express whatever random thought about the Suns that I might have. The total freedom to do that. And with this great site I then have the opportunity to discuss it with you all. I think access would change that and turn a fun hobby obsession into a profession. I am not a journalist by trade and I don't really want to be one.

This is an age old problem with the media be it politics, sports or business. Access corrupts.

In this new age, the world of information is a better place because we now have both. If you want solid reporting read Paul Coro. He’s great. A true professional. How could I do better?

But if you want to have a virtual water cooler chat you can come here or start your own blog. Its free and you don't have to worry about getting fired.

So Mark, you can keep your credentials and I will keep my pajamas.

Update [2008-3-28 13:18:38 by Phoenix Stan]:

Looks like Matt over at Hardwood Paroxysm has a different take and is going to apply for Cuban's all access pass.

I get that. I really do. I can honestly say that if I lived in Dallas I might do the same thing.

Matt uses the term "professional blogger" which is an interesting concept as well. Maybe that's a level somewhere between what we are doing here (or at least what I am doing here) and the Tim McMahon's and Henry Abbott's of the world that actually get a paycheck from a media outlet.

Maybe Matt is a "professional" blogger in that he makes money at it and doesn't have a "Clark Kent" job. I don't really know. Is that the line?

All of these are interesting questions as we move forward into the brave new world of mixing fans and media together in the great melting pot of the blogsphere. Buckle up!

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