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I feel your pain LA

The Lakers just can't seem to catch a break. The latest is Derek Fisher's torn tendon. This comes on top of Bynum's wandering kneecap, Gasol's gimpy ankle, poor Trevor Ariza's broken foot and who can forget Kobe's partially mutilated pinky finger.

Lakers fans, we feel your pain. We know all about bad luck and untimely injuries but you guys have just been cursed like no other team over the past few years. You finally look to get a full healthy season out of Odom and then you have to suffer through all of this.

You are our division rivals but we really do have sympathy for you....Who am I kidding? I hate L.A. I grew up watching my Suns get bounced in the playoffs year after year by Showtime. I despise obnoxious entitled Lakers fans and your stupid megapoxolis that exports all your problems to your neighbors to the west. From blown over smog, to urban sprawl to the crap that passes for entertainment from your one industry town. I. Hate. LA.

And so while I honestly don't wish injury on anyone, if any team has to have this kind of luck then I am glad its you. Its playoff time once again and I hope we get the chance to send you fishing for the third straight year!

Unless of course the Lakers somehow get Bynum and Gasol healthy and playing well together in which case I hope the Spurs take you out b/c we are a better matchup against them this year then a healthy LA team....

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