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Suns Miss Out on Tyronn Lue

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The Arizona Republic's Paul Coro is reporting in his blog that Tyronn Lue is headed to Dallas. For some reason, I can't bring myself to be too upset about this. Maybe it's because I never watched Lue much, and as a result, my most vivid memory of him is from a game against Denver back in 2004-05 when he played for Atlanta. Lue was involved in one of the most hilarious and futile exchanges I've ever seen on a basketball court. He got pick-pocketed by Eduardo Najera, and in frustration started throwing punches. Unfortunately, I can't find any YouTubes of the play, but just imagine a tiny 6'0" point guard flailing his fist into the belly of a 6'8", 230ish immovable object who continued dribbling down the court like Lue wasn't even there.

And then, there's always this classic highlight from when Lue played for the Lakers:

Seriously, I'm filing this one under "would have been nice", but on the other hand, maybe missing out will leave some minutes open for DJ.