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Weekly Contest Update

Here's your weekly update from the Call Your Shot contest.

Read 'em and weep:

Pre-trade Stat: Current Stat: Differential:
PPG 109.4 109.5 .1
OPG 103.3 104.9 +1.9
FG% 49.2% 49.3% +.1%
OFG% 45% 45.7% +.7%
TREB Diff -6 -4.5 +1.5
Win% 70.8% 66.1% -4.7%

This week's headline:
Offense has picked up a bit but the D is tanking fast. Rebounding numbers are improving far faster then I thought. But the bottom line is the bottom line: win% -4.7%

And finally here's the standings in our little contest and the "score" which is based on the absolute value of the prediction vs. actual.

1st: Mazzou - 0.6
2nd: Hawk42 - 0.6
3rd: kj7 - .7

The rest
kidzero: 1.15
kidzero: 1.15
brian13: 1.6 Aluminum Foyle: 1.6
srp: 2.30
calphxfan: 3.34
Turumbar: 4.6
AZSEAFan : 5.1
SilverSprings: 6.8
Jsun: 10.7

Don't worry you bottom dwellers. Its still early. The Suns can easily get it together and prove you right. Of course, a few more weeks like the last one and we could be spending our first spring in a long time watching baseball and going fishing.

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